Napa Valley, Halloween Weekend, Day 4

November 1, 2010

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Alright, today was just a travel day, but there ended up being some nice pictures, so I thought I would share.

(The good news: this is the last day of trip pictures. Next post is back to the airplane!)

Here was an awesome low-level cloud moving in along one of the little bays. We drove right through it over the bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge.


The pacific ocean.

Golden Gate Bridge.

So. Just over the bridge there was some screeching of tires and an (almost) accident. Once everyone started driving again, we took a look at what we thought was the offending car.

I snapped this picture.

Can you tell what was wrong?


San Fransisco.


More San Francisco.

On the plane, headed back east.

Pretty mountains.

Some awesome formations in the desert.

Same here.

In Dallas, the girlfriend grabbed this sweet picture of the sunset.

And finally, the next morning on the way to the kennel to pick up the puppies, she snapped this picture of the sunrise.


It was an awesome trip.

Now back to work on the airplane, Andrew!

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Right HS – Primed skeleton, Dimpled skin

January 14, 2010


Today, I used my lunch hour to swing by NAPA to pick up some more self-etching primer and then get a few minutes of work done before playing with the puppies. Jack and Ginger love it when they get to go outside and play during the middle of the day.

Anyway, I finished edge-prepping, cleaning, and drying the right HS ribs and front spar before priming them.

Then, I broke out the c-frame and finished dimpling the right HS skin. This time, I put a piece of blue painter’s tape (sticky side toward the male (exterior side of the skin) dimple die) between the dies and squeezed them together. I figured this layer of tape would help prevent some of the circles I am getting during dimpling.

3/32" Dimple Dies covered in blue tape.

The resulting dimples don’t have as much of a circle around them, and the dimples are just as deep. I wish I had known that the first time around. I’m not very happy that my right HS is going to end up looking a lot nicer than the left.

It was a little short of an hour today, but I ran a little long yesterday, so I’ll log an hour.

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