Various Building Tasks, Rudder Skins

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Over this past weekend, I got a few moments out in the garage here and there, some of those accompanied by my son.

I did a little more work on the rudder, final-drilling and deburring the remaining stiffener holes.

Whose arm is that?

Also, 16 more rivets drilled out of the rudder tip rib. I need access below the tip rib to buck the new rudder skins to the counterbalance skins.

after all drilling and deburring.

Finally, with skin dimpling coming soon, I built a couple c-frame tables. Instead of making the fancy one with the slot for the c-frame to slide into, I just made two bigger ones.

Before covering.

After covering.

I made sure the female dimple die on the bottom was only slightly higher than the surface of the tables.

We’ll see how it works over the next few days.
2.0 hours over 3 days. 16 rivets drilled out.

One Response to Various Building Tasks, Rudder Skins

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Andrew, looking good! Glad your son gets to participate with his dad in such a cool project!

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