T-Rex Rudder Skeleton Cleanup

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So after almost 9 months of not working on the airplane project, we finally got through enough of the rennovation (finishing basement) to get started in the garage again. No, I haven’t painted the walls or ceiling yet, but I did want to get the airplane pictures I’ve been lugging around for years actually mounted to the wall. Wifey helped me decide on the wall. This wall is the least likely to get hit with other shop-related thrashing. Notice the blank space behind the ladder where I’ll inevitably bump it against the wall.

201810071 (1) (Large)

After a lot of years of not feeling settled in a workshop, I finally have a wall of shame. (Signed pictures of companies I’ve left.)

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time outside, but we finally focused on the airplane for 30 minutes. My almost-3 year old son was really eager to help, so I taught him out to use a squeezer. The task for today was to push out all the rivets from the individual parts. When drilling the shop heads off, the parts came apart, but sometimes the shaft of the rivet remained in the underlying structure. We’re using half of a dimple die to push them out.

201810071 (2) (Large)

T-Rex heliping push some half-drilled rivets out of holes.

I wasn’t intentionally trying to hide his face, but he really wanted the focus of the picture to be on the “airpwane part.”

201810071 (3) (Large)

Look Ma! No more rivet remnants.

Here’s what we are pushing out.

201810071 (4) (Large)

Here’s what we were pushing out.

And the final product of the day.

201810071 (5) (Large)

After pushing through some more of the ruddder stiffeners, a complete set.

And I need to catch you all up on some other developments. I haven’t just been sitting around doing NOTHING on the airplane for years and years. I settled on gray Crow harnesses. 5pt with Rotary Cam and black hardware. Also, the black adjusters.

201810071 (6) (Large)

Also over the last year, my crow 5 pt. harnesses showed up.

201810071 (7) (Large)

With aluminum adjusters.

201810071 (8) (Large)

Here’s the cam release. Very high quality.

201810071 (9) (Large)

A zoomed out shot.

And, while thinking long and hard about it, I called Andair directly and bought the 5-way fuel selector directly from them. It was a few extra dollars (maybe $40 extra), but now I have the ability to carry an aux tank. I don’t think I’ll build an extra tank (or two) now, but I wanted the expansion capability.

201810071 (10) (Large)

And, I bought a 5-way fuel valve straight from the source.

201810071 (11) (Large)

Here’s the data sheet. Kind of.

0.5 hours tonight. I won’t count T-Rex’s time at all yet. Maybe when he’s older.
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