About the Builder

You want to know about me?

Well, I grew up in Chicago, moving to Wichita, KS after school (Vanderbilt) to work for Cessna Aircraft Company in the Flight Test Department.  After a couple years there, I picked up and moved to North Carolina, where I’ve been for the last couple years working for Honda Aircraft Company. I’m 26 right now (start of the project, Dec 29th, 2009), and aiming to complete the -7 before my 30th birthday. I think I’ll have some margin on that, but from what I’ve read, I may come pretty close to that date.

I got my pilot’s license when I was 17 at Waukegan Regional (KUGN) and got my instrument license soon thereafter. I didn’t fly for a couple years, but got back into it (and earned my Commercial single-engine license) while I was an intern at Cessna. After school, I returned to Cessna and earned my Commercial multi-engine and Flight Instructor ratings.  Now I’m with Honda Aircraft Company, and I’m a little frustrated with the rental rates, availability, and lack of convenience with flight schoold and clubs in the area.

That, in combination with my previous experience flying model aircraft, has led me to want to build an aircraft, so here we are.

For entertainment purposes, you can find my favorite flying picture I have below. I don’t look anything like that anymore, but don’t expect a lot of pictures of me in the build log. I’m kind of camera shy now.

Me and the dad soon after my tailwheel endorsement. This was 2002, when I was just a youngin'.

Me and my father soon after my tailwheel endorsement. This was 8 years ago, when I was just a youngin'. I miss that airplane.

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