I did a thing.

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(walks up…taps microphone…)

Hello? Are you there?

Remember me? I was building an RV-7 a few years ago.

Well, I’m back!!!

To make a very long story very short, back in 2013, I sold the RV-7 kit to a gentleman in North Carolina after reaching the conclusion that at my (then) current build rate, I would likely need a four-seater (RV-10?).

Well, after a smooth transaction, the family and I made 3 cross-country moves chasing fun Flight Test jobs around the country and finally settling somewhere in the midwest.

Standing in my large garage (ahem….airplane factory), I started dreaming about building again. On the exact same day, the gentlemen who bought my kit happened to post a FS: RV-7 thread on VAF. I didn’t really want to start a used kit, so I was thinking of a new set of preview plans, but I thought I’d investigate anyway.

Whoa, that’s my kit!

So, after a few more emails, and after figuring out that he hadn’t worked significantly on the kit, the wife (yes, girlfriend turned into fiance turned into wife) gave the nod and I purchased the kit back.

After months of getting the house sorted out, I flew out to North Carolina, rented a truck, and drove the kit back across the country over two very long days.

Side note: the RV-7 now has 0.1 air time. There was a hidden set of railroad tracks in Kentucky that caught be by surprise. I’m sure the truck was 8 feet in the air. (In reality, I’m sure it was only light on the wheels, but it was enough for me to stop, go in back, and inspect the kit.)

I was surprisingly sparse with the pictures, but I did take a few.

One of the truck with RV-7 kit inside:

16 foot truck somewhere in NC

One of the tiny storage unit I THOUGHT would hold the wings, but without the wings, because they DIDN’T FIT:

a 5×10 storage unit is about 3″ short of being able to hold RV-7 wings.

And poorly-taken picture of the wings in the garage.

Future aircraft factory…

Also, someone else reserved my N-number when I wasn’t looking.

  1. Immediate actions:
    1) Rename the build site.
    2) Convince a VAF moderator to change my username.
    3) Recommence building.

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One Response to I did a thing.

  1. Jim says:

    Congrats, Andrew – I look forward to following your progress once you resume operations!

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