New Progress Charts

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Well. After more closely examining the progress charts I’ve been keeping up on the right side of the page, I figured out that the time-domain charts that google uses (in google charts) is NOT REALLY TIME DOMAIN!!!!


So after a little engineering magic, I’ve now calculated (based on my last ten entries and last 100 rivets set), my expected completion date, and converted a series of points from date to percentage of that number. Google CAN plot things based on a normal non-time based x-axis, so now you can see the real shape of my progress in both regimes.

(Before, you were seeing how many hours or rivets for each additional entry. Now, you are seeing them in a time-domain represented by percent of expected completion.)

I’m assuming 2000 hours and 16,000 rivets. As I learn more (or blow through those numbers), I’ll update the targets and the charts should auto-update.

Also, as I speed up or slow down, the algorithms should auto-update the slopes of the lines. See how the rivets projection is pretty steep? That’s cause I set more than 100 rivets in the last 24 hours (post coming soon). While you won’t see the end date change (it would be depressing to see the absolute date), you will see the blue ticks climb the line.

It’s like watching grass grow.

Now. On to the pretty pictures.

Hours complete/remaining.

Rivets set/remaining.

I love being this nerdy.

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