Set Eight Rivets

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Well, today is Friday the 13th AND the 500th (calendar) day of my build. Coincidence?

Of course, what else would it be?

The first day was 12/29/2009. 500 days ago. Estimating 2000 hours, I’m at 245 hours, 500 days…carry the one…calculator sounds…4081.633 days, or 11 years. Wait, I’m through 1.5 years, so…about 9.5 years to go!


Anyway, the primer dried from last night, so I grabbed some of the blind rivets provided in my leading edge kit (can’t remember the rivet part numbers) and got to pulling.

8 blind rivets.

Here’s how they look after pulling.

Not too bad.

Yikes. Not so pretty, but that's the way they are supposed to be.

Then, I set the other 3 nutplates (8 rivets total) and clecoed the three primed ribs into the leading edge.

It looks like an airplane part.

Next up, riveting!

0.5 hours, 8 rivets. Booyeah.

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