Primed Three More Leading Edge Ribs

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Well, having primed leading edge ribs R4 through R6, I decided I better get them primed.

Before I could get going on the fifth and sixth ribs, I needed to crack open the leading edge landing light instructions again.

I want to make sure I get the holes for the light bracket nutplates done first.

Okay, looks like I need to go find the 10-32 nutplates.

K1000-3 nutplates...

Found them, then got the #30 to enlarge the center hole, put a cleco in, drilled one of the ears to #40, put another cleco in, and drilled the last ear.

Not many pictures with both sizes of clecos in them.

After doing all 4.

Guess what size drill I had to go find.

Yup. A 3/16″ drill…

...for the center hole.

After getting those ribs washed and the first coat of primer on them, I moved my attention back to the leading edge light holes. I forgot to drill the lens attach holes before. I held up the template, marked some holes, and fired the #40 through there.

I should have used my drill stop. Looks like I left little circles.

Same on the bottom side.

Finally, the ribs dried enough for me to bring them in the garage.

Nice ribs.

Maybe this weekend I’ll get to set some more rivets.

0.5 hours.

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