First of Many New Garage Shelves

May 16, 2010

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The front wall of my garage is a little chaotic. I have an old armoire (whoa, I had to go to wikipedia to figure out how to spell this) out there holding some airplane things, and then a set of collapsible shelves that basically hold small things that don’t hang on the walls (pegboard) easily.

I need to get a little more organized, but I’m limited because of the 45° support holding up my overhead shelves.

Workbench Construction 010

This was an early picture, without the other shelving unit.

Anyway, I want to push any newly-constructed shelves back against the wall, so unless I want to limit myself to 5 feet tall (no!), I need to limit the width to about 28 inches.

I’m going to use the same construction technique as the two workbenches (here and here) I built. Here’s the plan:

Here's the concept. 6 feet tall, 28 inches wide. Various heights for the shelves.

First up, cut some wood!

The ones on the left are the left-to-right supports, the shorter ones on the left are the forward-and-aft supports.

Then, I took the long ones and the short ones and mocked them up in this little jig (for squareness) before drilling.

My drilling and assembly jig.

Then, for some reason, I took a picture of the wall.

The wall. No more description needed.

Then, like the airplane, I decided to drill pilot holes first.

I believe the drill bit on the left is 1/8".

Then, I started assembly.

Here's the first shelf complete. (And my Dewalt circular saw.)

Two of six.

Oops, I stopped taking pictures of the assembly.

After the frame was complete, I attached some non-locking wheels to the bottom.

Finally a couple days later, I started loading the thing up (will be organized and labelled later) and snapped this picture.

It looks crooked in the picture, but it really isn't. And yes, that is (expensive) MDF for shelves. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

I went with (from top to bottom) a 12″ inch shelf, then two 6″ shelves, then another 12″ shelf, then an 18″ shelf.

The idea is that I build 5 more of these (for each of the areas between those 45° supports to vastly increase my storage space in the garage. Also, they are not attached to anything, so I am going to wheel them onto the moving truck in a few years if I decide to move.

What do you guys think?

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