Now thinking paint instead of polish

January 4, 2010


While I was thinking of polishing for awhile, a recent trip to Key West now has me thinking paint is the way to go.

I was sitting in a window seat about halfway back on the east side of an Airbus A-320, which ended up being directly in the sun’s reflection from the polished leading edges. I decided to do a little experiment. I put on my sunglasses, and purposefully sat directly in the reflection for about an hour. I pretended I was looking for traffic close to the leading edge, and then got out a magazine (approach plate) and tried to read.

It was pretty brutal. At this point, I believe the cool factor of having a polished airplane is just about the same as the negative from the sun’s reflection.

Knowing I will go back and forth (many times) before I really need to decide, I think at this moment, I am back to painting, but with the same general theme I have been liking (see my previous ideas page for my last thoughts on this).

I’m going to repost some pictures of Tim Davidson’s RV-6 that I really like. Tim’s airplane is currently for sale on Barstormers, so I’m sure he won’t mind the additional traffic, but Tim, if you want, I’ll pull these down.

N65TD - Front left quartering

N65TD - Low Pass

N65TD - Right side

N65TD - Right rear quartering

N65TD - Beautiful in-air shot

I probably won’t do the checkerboard up front, but I definitely like this scheme. Looks fast.

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More dreaming of paint schemes

October 30, 2009

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Well, I haven’t posted in a week or two, because I am waiting for my airplane piggy bank to grow enough to buy an empennage kit. In the mean time, I have been practicing drilling out rivets on the practice kit and dreaming of some more paint schemes. Here are some of my current thoughts about what I would like to end up with. If any of these are your pictures and you would like credit (or for me to take them down), please let me know, and I will kindly oblige. Otherwise, take the compliment.

At this point, I am contemplating doing a little polishing on my airplane. have to paint all the fiberglass, though, so maybe black would look good…

Looks like this first airplane is owned by William R Cloughley. Well done, Mr. Cloughley.

Paintschemeideas (11)

N18LC - Right

Paintschemeideas (1)

N18LC - Left Side

Paintschemeideas (6)

N18LC - Parked

Paintschemeideas (10)

N18LC - Right Rear Quartering

Paintschemeideas (9)

N18LC - From Left, during the flare.

Paintschemeideas (2)

Different airplane, but the same idea.

Paintschemeideas (3)

Right front quartering.

This next airplane has the same general paint scheme, but is black and silver paint, with some subtle details (I actually like the checkerboard througout and the stripes on the rudder, but that may be a little complicated for me.)

Paintschemeideas (7)

N65TD - Left Front Quartering.

Paintschemeideas (8)

N65TD - Right side

Paintschemeideas (5)

N65TD - Low Pass

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For posterity, I got this email through VAF, I want to keep it just in case:

I was concerned about my ability to spray the silver metallic initially. Turned out to be dead easy once I found the right combination of gun pressure and distance from the surface.

The silver is PPG DBC in GM’s machine silver (a vette color from recent years).
Clear is PPG 2002.

I just could not bare to paint it gray (Yuch!)
The silver absolutely glows in the sunlight.
As far as touch up. We’ll see. Hopefully there won’t be much need.

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Some pictures of my favorite paint schemes.

August 21, 2009

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It’s a little early for this post, don’t you think?

Here are a couple of pictures of some of my thoughts about paint schemes. I don’t intend to copy any of these directly, they are just some of the nicest looking schemes I’ve stumbled across. I am not intending to violate any picture copyright legal mumbo-jumbo stuff, and I found each of these pictures in very public places. If one of them belongs to you, or someone you know, and you want it taken down (or credit), please contact me. But for gosh’s sake, I’m giving you a big compliment here…simmer down.

I’ll try to update as I find more ideas.

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