Finished the Left Flap

November 26, 2011

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Whoa, two days in a row! With just a couple hours of riveting left, I knew I was close to finishing when I got the bottom skin on yesterday, so I made some time today to finish up.

Once again, I wasn’t in the habit of taking a lot of pictures, though, so you get some intermediate ones, and a couple finished pics.

After getting some of the rib-to-skin rivets set, I clecoed the spar in place with the hinge along the bottom edge, then flipped the flap so the top skin was up, and did my every-other-rivet taping.

I couldn't get a slick way to rivet the last two rib rivets at the bottom of the picture, so I followed the plans and used blind rivets.

Before actually riveting any of the skins on, I made sure to do the blind rivets for the spar-to-rib rivets.

These are all LP4-3s.

Whoa. I ran out after the exact correct amount. I’ll have to order more before moving on to the right flap.


Then, I totally stopped taking pictures, but finished the flap.

Nice and shiny. No dings at all.

The bottom is nice and shiny, too, and only a few very small dings.

I’m starting to realize that I’m going to have dings in the project, and they are going to be visible. I think the whole polished airplane thing went out the window, so hopefully by the time I paint the airplane, all the dings will be filled, and you will be none the wiser.

2 hours today, and 164 total rivets all over the place. Whew.

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