Château Morrisette

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Well, even though I haven’t been building over the last couple weeks, we have been having fun.

Today (which was actually before the post that just came out, sorry I know I got the posts backwards), the girlfriend and I hopped in the truck and started north.

A few years ago, we heard of a local (kind of) winery called Château Morrisette (yeah, I had to look that little “a” up…you type that thing by holding the alt key down and pushing 0226, when you let go a little â shows up!) I love being a nerd.

Anyway, Château (it’s so fun!! ââ) Morrisette has a dog theme, and everyone knows how much we like dogs. We also saw on the news that the leaves here are just past peak, and today’s going to be 65° (that one’s Alt-0176) out, severe clear blue skies.

Let’s go!

Driving north.

Ooh Pilot Mountain.

I can't remember where in VA we were at this point, but it's so pretty.

I'm pretty sure this is the Blue Ridge Parkway now.

This truck was going SOOOO SLOOOOW. (And we were okay with it, no rush, beautiful day.)

This is about an hour away. So pretty. There was some glare inside the car, so these pictures actually turned out better than it looked in real life.

Nice foliage.

A little mill on the side of the road. On the way back, there were a ton of people milling around (pun intended) taking pictures, etc.

I need a piece of property up here.

The next five or so pictures were crap, so the next one you get is us walking up to the restaurant.

Nice place.

The usual sign picture. (Why do I always do that?)

Apparently I do it with menus, too.

And winelists!

After lunch, we walked through the parking lot to the winery. What a great view from the parking lot.

Here's the winery.

There wasn’t really much going on other than a thousand people trying to taste wine. And by “taste,” I mean “when do we get to move on to those sweet wines?”


[snob on] I love that the east coast has started making wines, and I’m all for wineries using locally productive (sometimes sweeter) grapes for wine, but if you cater to the local tastes (sweet, sweet, sweet), then the more global palette will think you only make sweet wines. The family next to us actually said “when do we get to move on to those sweet wines? I can’t drink that dry stuff.” [snob off]

Oops, I just called them out and they're in this picture. Sorry!

Stop taking pictures of signs, Andrew.

Our favorite? This Cabernet Franc.

That dog kind of looks like Jack.

Nice cork.

Umm picture of a parking lot?

Our dog's rule, too.

Then, we headed back, and we took a ton of random pictures.

Past the peak, my butt. It's gorgeous.

TREE! (Nice picture, girlfriend.)

Seriously, I want some property up here.

Nice fence, too.

That grass is greener than mine.

Sigh. So pretty.



Rolling countryside.

More beautiful foliage.

Finally starting to come down out of the mountains.

At least there's no one behind me.

We stopped at a little lookout on the way down.

These next few photos are the best of the trip.

I can see for miles...

There's pilot mountain in the distance.

...and miles...

...and miles...


Still pilot mountain.

Okay, after all those pictures, this one is kind of boring.

Andrew, stop taking pictures and get back to building the airplane. Next time, you can fly there, (but not home…not until the next day).

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