Feathergate 2011

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Are you ever sitting at work in the middle of the day, and you get goosebumps, and you think to yourself,

“Something bad just happened.”

Well. Today was a normal Friday, just like any other Friday. Until arriving home.

The first indication that something horrible happened was the doggie bed.

What the heck are all these feathers?

[horror music starts.]

Oh my gosh, what happened!? They're everywhere!

Looking downstairs, even more feathers. What the heck happened?

Looks like there was quite the struggle...

And, after turning the corner….


It looks like a flock of geese got into our house and the dogs ripped every one of them to shreds.


Our cute little Jack and Ginger took one of our BRAND NEW DOWN PILLOWS and had fun.

Here's the victim.

And it's sad partner.

After about an hour of cleanup, we checked the label on the pillow, and it casually mentions that there were 33oz of duck feathers.

33 OZ?!

Holy crap, that’s a lot of feathers.

Hey, were are those pups, anyway.

I bet I know where they are.


We were SO mad at them…for about 5 minutes. Then, their cuteness won out, and we all exchanged puppy hugs.

I was speechless.

Absolutely speechless.

The girlfriend, on the other hand:

“Hey, at least I get to go pillow shopping.”


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