Someone Needs a New Home

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Well, long story short, my girlfriend’s father found this little guy in his pickup truck after a visit to the store.

(I’ll refrain from getting angry at someone who could just leave a puppy like that….)

Anyway, we went to go get him and are going to make sure he has a nice place to stay (and some good friends) until we can find him a good home.

He looks like a black lab mix (actually, he looks just like Jack did when he was a puppy…weebed feet and all, like a good lab). Black coat, white chest, and white toes.

Take a look, and let me know if you know of someone who would make a good home.

Aww, he's so little.

He can run, though.

Outside, trying to figure out this whole "marking" thing.

So cute.


I can't just keep putting "awww."

Yes I can. Aww!

Jack's interested.

Just a little guy.

Jack: Can I come up on the couch?



We're almost touching noses!

More aww!

Like father and son.

At least they are both UNC fans.


Now for the videos!

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