Devinyled Right Lower Inboard Wing Skin

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Dear airplane project,

I hope you haven’t been feeling too neglected recently. I know I haven’t been able to work on you because of all of the house projects taking over the workbenches outside.

Because my guilt has recently been getting to me about not working on you, I came to see you last night.

Remember how much fun we had together. You know. It was late. I was trying to be quiet so as not to disturb the puppies.

I appreciate you letting me work out of order. I should have been matchdriling spar-to-rib attachments holes and maybe starting work on the left spar, but instead, I took the soldering iron upstairs to start devinyling work on the plethora (“would you say I have a plethora of gifts?”) of wing skins in the airplane storage room.

I know that devinyling these early will probably mean that the clecos and drill stops may leave small marks on your exterior surface, but I promise. These small blemishes allow me to be much more efficient with my time, so I’ll be sure to spend extra time polishing you once you are assembled.

With loving care.


P.S. I’ve included a picture so you can remember (as fondly as I do) our time together last night.

P.P.S. If you want, we can meet again tonight. Same time, same place.

A blurry picture of last night love tryst between me, the right lower inboard wing skin, and the soldering iron.

0.5 wonderful hours.

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