Empennage Hardware Inventory, Tools

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After a quick morning stop to Harbor Freight for the pictured stuff below and NAPA for two more bottles of self-etching primer, I got home and decided to finish inventorying the empennage hardware.

$24 shopping spree!

I found a coupon in Men’s Journal (or Men’s Health, I can’t remember) for a whole bunch of stuff from Harbor Freight. One of the coupons was for $1.99 12″ clamp, and the other was for a FREE flashlight. (3.5 inch 8 LED flashlight). I was surprised to get it home and discover it already had batteries in it.

Holy crap, this FREE flashlight is bright.

Also, I found some 8 inch welding pliers for $4.99. After some edge finishing and smoothing of the interior surface, these should end up being nice hand seamers, for $15 less than the cheapest aircraft tool company.

"Welding Pliers" + smooth surfaces and edges = Hand Seamers

Then, I used a 15% off coupon and a 20% off coupon for each of these two, usually $9.99 each. I love these things, we use them at work for all the aircraft hardware. Highly recommended.

19 Piece storage containers.

Most of the hour was spent taking the empennage hardware out of the bags. The bags worked just fine for me, especially since I kept the hardware inventory sheet handy, but this will work even better, and really only cost me about $17.

Rivets in this one...

Sorry about the blurry picture. You don’t really need to read the names, do you?

Miscellaneous hardware in this one...

I can stack them, and they just fit on the top shelf of my 2nd workbench.

Like a glove.

One hour. I’m going to log this one under inventory and tools, just so people will find it.

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