Started riveting right HS

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I managed a couple hours in the shop today, even though I was as sick as a dog. In between frantically running to the bathroom to pray to the porcelain god, I did get a couple things done. I planned to get some of the right HS done today, which needed more prep on the skin, and then some riveting.

First, I cleaned and primed right HS skin interior.

Right HS skin all primed and such. Well, on one side, at least.

After flipping, priming the other side, and letting it dry, I decided to fix some of the bad rivets from the other day. They look better now.

HS-710/HS-712 to HS-702 rivets fixed.

Then, I grabbed the right HS ribs and front spar and clecoed some of them to the left HS. I

Right spar clecoed to the left HS assembly. This thing is getting big.

I started by riveting the front spar to HS-710 and HS-714. This time, I was following the directions a little more closely. All of the rivets today turned out great. I had switched from my offset cupped set to a straight set, and they were all perfect. (Don’t mind the two empty holes on the far left, I remembered them later and shot those rivets, too.)

Great rivets if I do say so myself.

Then I riveted HS-405 and HS-404 to front spar. Again, no mistakes. Then, I turned back to the skin once it was dry. On the left side, I waiting until riveting HS-707 and HS-706 to the skin before I devinyled this area. On this skin, I figured that I wouldn’t be holding a bucking bar (that I could drop and scratch the skin) in this area, so why not take the blue off before making it hard on myself. Much easier this way, but I could only do it here. (I have to admit, those nice straight primer lines make me happy.)

Back to the skin. Devinyling the easy way.

The directions have you cleco in HS-707, rivet to the bottom skin, then cleco in HS-706 and HS-708 (to help the skin take shape and sit tight against the aft holes of HS-707), and then rivet HS-707 to the top skin. Just like the left side, I needed AN426AD3-4 rivets where they sometimes call out an AN426AD3-3.5.

The, I let this happen.

Uh oh...

What? Don’t see anything? Try this angle.




It was completely my fault. I was getting confident, and was holding the rivet gun with my left hand. I had the pressure set near 50psi (I usually use 40psi for the AD3- rivets) and the gun got away from me.

I stared at it for about 5 minutes, realizing that it was probably okay, but would essentially force me to bondo and paint the tail, which would not have been the end of the world, except I still might want to polish the airplane.

I decided to drill out the 4 rivets I had set in the bottom skin to see if I could help it any with a flush set from the back side. I managed to get my backrivet set in there a little, and it helped, but I came inside as I was getting chilled and frustrated.

Later, I realized that I have a c-frame, and with two flush sets in there, I may be able to very gently hammer it back into shape (or at least get it close). I’ll have to re-dimple, too, because I flattened out the dimple while trying to fix the dents.)


Maybe this weekend I can fix it up a little and keep going.

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One Response to Started riveting right HS

  1. Scott Long says:

    dang it that pic hurts me i know u are sick. i am still getting shop ready so all i am denting right now is wood. everything else looks great i hope i can keep mine looking that good when i start. Good luck, Scott

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