Right HS skin scuff and dimple

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Once the UNC game started and finishing up the dishes, I managed to fit an hour in outside before getting too tired to start anything new.

Hmm. This is a nice Chianti. What should I start on tonight?

I was looking at my previous posts (is that like staring at yourself in the mirror?) and decided I wasn’t doing myself justice. I took a few more pictures of my nice smooth riveting to show off a little.

Looking from outboard to inboard on the top side of the left HS.

More fine riveting work. (I need to do something about the circles left by the dimple dies.) I know they are normal, but wouldn’t the skin look better without them? Maybe some blue painters tape on the dies will work. I’ll have to try it out on some scrap.

Nice and smooth.

Then I spent a few minutes doing some more edge prep on the right HS ribs. I didn’t have the time or the primer to actually prime these tonight, which meant I quit when I realized they were prepped enough and just needed to go through the dish soap/acetone routine. I finished (the right side) HS-404, HS-707, HS-708, and HS-706 when I realized….where the heck is HS-405?

I spent about 30 minutes in an ever-increasing-in-freaking-out frenzy trying to find HS-405. I looked at the HS-405 already riveted in the left HS. Nope, that’s the correct (left) part (realizing later that if it was the right side rib, then I would have been missing the left). I searched behind both workbenches, on each shelf of each workbench, and in each box, and even started looking under the girlfriend’s car.

That’s when she came out, saw me laying on the ground, and after realizing I was looking for something missing, said, “well, I try not to run over your airplane when I pull in each day. Maybe I ran over it…”

MY AIRPLANE? Honey…it’s OUR airplane.

Also, she was kidding. Thank god.

Then, I found the little bugger at the bottom of the recently emptied garbage can. I must have knocked it off the workbench into the garbage can that conveniently sits just underneath the far end of my workbench. Crisis averted. Here’s the offending rib.

I'm so glad you didn't run away.

I spent the rest of my hour edge finishing, scuffing, and dimpling the right HS skin. How does it look? (Notice blue painter’s tape on the exterior side? Works like magic to prevent scratches.)

Right HS skin scuffed and dimpled.

That’s all for tonight. Boo UNC for sucking so bad tonight. Come on, Roy, whip those boys into shape!

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