Preliminary Edge Prep on VS Ribs

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No pictures tonight, but I spent 30 minutes getting some preliminary edge prep completed on the VS ribs. Basically, I took a file to the edges, then used my edge deburring tool to knock down the edges. I didn’t do this before clecoing the HS ribs together, and it scratched the skins a little.

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2 Responses to Preliminary Edge Prep on VS Ribs

  1. Scott Long says:

    Been reading all your entries, so far yours has been best of all as far as informative. I am about to start on my 7A. Still getting shop ready. Hope to order emp. before the feb. price increase. Would like to stay in touch with you and your project and any good or bad you run into. Thanks Scott

  2. Andrew says:

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for the “informative” comment about my build log. That’s what I was shooting for, so I’m glad I’m succeeding.

    I have to admit, though, that I am just trying to maintain the standard set my my two favorite build logs, Brad Oliver’s ( and Mike Bullock’s ( Brad’s currently on the fuselage, and Mike is doing wrap up work. Both are excellent logs and helped me (by reading through each of them at least twice) to dive into the RV-7.

    Good luck on the project. (Don’t beat me to the end, though!)

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