More HS Priming, Dimpling

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I got in 30 minutes cleaning the remaining left HS ribs and getting a coat of self-etching primer on both sides. After looking at last night’s primed ribs, I am still very happy with the decision to use self-etching primer.

Here are all 5 ribs from the left HS.

I was going to put in an hour or two dimpling the left HS skin with the pop-rivet dimplers, but I broke another nail (I should point out this is a real nail, not my fingernail), and getting frustrated, started questioning using the pop-rivet dimplers for the skins. Then I decided to test out the dimples with an AN4263-3.5 rivet. Here is the result:

Spring back dimple die used on the upper left dimple. Pop-rivet dimple dies used on the bottom right dimple.

I am not very happy with the dimples from the pop-rivet dimples. I am going to put these back in the tool chest, and only use them in tight places. Tomorrow, I am going start asking around for a c-frame to use on the skins.

I also worked for 30 minutes on preliminary edge-prep for the VS ribs, but I’m going to log that under another post.

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