Saw RV-12 at EAA 1114

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A couple things for the last few weeks. Per my last post, I’ve been increasingly interested in polishing. I think it is a a great look. Even though it is a ton of work, and everyone will flock to the airplane with their dirty little fingers, I think it would be an amazing look for the RV-7.

Also, I’ve set a date for the ordering of the empennage kit. Dec 12, 2009. We’ll see how that goes, but everything seems to be falling in place.

Today, I managed to scoot over to Cary, NC and check out the east coast RV-12 demonstrator (the “blue ship”). Wow, it was beautiful. Mitch (Vans’ east coast representative) was a really nice guy, and explained a lot of things about the RV-12. A couple things of note:

  • 555 hours from first kit to first flight
  • 65 hours for both wings to be completed.
  • “100 or so” holes to be drilled (almost all match-drilled)
  • Most of the holes on the kit are prepunched to final size (no drilling, deburring, dimpling)

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