Practice Kit – Riveting

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I started riveting today. I got the skeleton riveted together and back-riveted then stiffeners to the skins.

Skeleton riveted together.
Skeleton riveted together.
Skins back-riveted. Nice, huh?
Skins back-riveted. Nice, huh?

I’ll try to finish up tonight, but I need to figure out a way to dimple the ribs near the trailing edges. I should probably follow the directions and fabricate the special dimpling tool described in the plans. Off to the hardware store for some steel…

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3 Responses to Practice Kit – Riveting

  1. Brian says:

    okay, again with the newb questions- how did you hold the stiffner in place while you backriveted? the clecos stick through, so that idea is out, right? what did you do?

  2. Andrew says:

    With the rivets sticking up from the other side (taped in place from the outside), the stiffener isn’t going to go anywhere laterally. With a special sliding sleeve backrivet set, the pressure from the sliding sleeve keeps the stiffener snug against the skin as you set.

    I ended up using a regular flat (sometimes cupped) set, and to keep the set on the rivet, I used my thumb and forefinger of the other hand to steady the set and to apply a little pressure on the stiffener to keep it snug against the skin.

    I have some better pictures of backriveting last night and tonight in my latest two posts.

  3. Brian` says:

    i got it figured out, just need to get that trailing edge done

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