Salvaged all Rudder Stiffeners

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Walking back out to the garage tonight, I walked past the cardboard box in which the replacement skins were shipped, and saw this.

There were no dollars in this box…

…which was a throwback an early post 8 years ago when I took this picture:

That was a long time ago.

Anyway, after finishing the stiffener salvaging from the right half of the rudder, I peeled open the skins, and took this self-portrait.

So handsome.

Anyway, an hour later, I had liberated all 16 stiffeners from the rudder WITHOUT any damage.

This was quite the commplishment.

in total, 105 more rivets drilled out from the right skin, and 116 total rivets drilled from the left skin. (221 drilled out total).

I still have some spar rivets to drill out before starting real construction again, but I’m on my way.

(BTW, my drilled out percentage is now 8.78%. ugh.)

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