Riveted Right Aileron Gap Fairing

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Whoa, I’ve got a few exciting days in a row building up. Well, not days, but posts.

Tonight, I knew if I kept focused, I could get from drilled aileron gap fairing to riveted aileron gap fairing.

I’ll break it down.

5 minutes of edge finishing (thank you scotchbrite wheel).

5 minutes of hole deburring.

5 minutes of dimpling (only the upper half of the aileron gap fairing).

5 minutes of cleaning inside

2.5 minutes to prime one side

5 minutes filling girlfriend’s tires

2.5 minutes priming the other side

5 minutes filling my tires

10 minutes shooting the AN470AD4 and AD5 rivets.

A cleco in every other hole.

A closeup I guess.

A wonderful shop head.

An even better shop head.

After the whole row of AN470- rivets.

More shop heads, I guess. I need to hit that one on the upper left a few more times.

10 minutes to squeeze the AN426AD3-3.5 rivets.

These -3 rivets were a little small, so I used -3.5.

After squeezing a few, I realized that maybe they stipulated -3 rivets so the heads would be small to avoid the top of the aileron skin. After freaking out for a minute, I realized that the tolerance here would have to be more than the difference between a -3 and -3.5 rivet.

Shop head picture.

Here's the whole row done.

Anyone keeping track of the minutes?

Oh yeah, 5 minutes to admire my (no drilling out!) riveting.

1.0 hour, 28 rivets shot, 27 rivets squeezed, for a grand total of 55 rivets.

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