A Few Things Before More Top Skin Riveting

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Well, I think Joe might be coming over tomorrow or early next week, so I figured I’d do a few things while I wait for his rivet-shooting expertise.

One of the things that slowed us down a little bit last time was putting the rivets in the holes and putting a piece of tape over each rivet head.

I know I’m not following the standard pattern, so don’t do what I do when you get to this step.

It took about 45 minutes, but now I have all the plans-reading, rivet-legend confusion out of the way.

I'm going to be so excited when these top skins are done.

Looking for something else I could do, I grabbed some snap bushings and started putting them in all of the holes I’d drilled earlier. (Dear girlfriend, I know it is about 200°F outside right now, but MY beautiful picture of YOUR beautiful chili from that post is making me miss football season.)

A few snap bushings and the bags they came in.

While I’m doing that, I might as well feed this conduit in the 3/4″ hole in the ribs.

A piece of Van's conduit cut to length.

I probably could have gotten some from Lowe’s or something, but this stuff fit these 3/4″ holes perfectly.

I was smart enough to start in the middle and work toward the inboard and outboard ribs.


Here’s a closeup of both the snap bushings and the conduit. had to use the flash so you could see under there.

Ready for wiring anyone?

Of course, I didn’t tell you that I had to uncleco the lower outboard skin, so my last trick for the evening was to re-cleco it. I could have waiting until during our riveting session tomorrow so I didn’t have to go off and on again with the skin, but I’d rather waste my time than Joe’s.

Ready for riveting.

1.5 fairly boring hours.

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