More Right Wing Main Rib Preparation

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Not much today, just more right wing main rib preparation. I thought I was going to be able to finish all the prep on the right main ribs, but I got distracted and only got a few of them prepped (and not even all the way to priming).

First, I opened up my two new packages of maroon scotchbrite pads.

I think it was about $10 for both at Napa.

I cut one of the packages into my usual ~3″ squares.

I can get 6 squares from one layer...that makes 18 squares. per package.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I usually try to find a little package of work that leaves me heading back inside with a nice sense of accomplishment. It worked really well last week to do three ribs in an hour, all the way to primed and ready to install.

Today, I was working on 7 ribs, and got all 7 deburred (holes only), and about 4 of them scotchbrited.

Stupid ribs. Taking up all of my build time.

Next session, finishing up the scotchbriting and then deburring the crevices, then hopefully priming.

Then, lucky me, I get to start on the left wing main ribs…

1.5 boring hours today.

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