Pilots N Paws Fly-in, SC Breakfast Club (Triple Tree Aerodrome, SC)

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Today was the first annual (maybe?) Pilot’s N Paws fly-in at Triple Tree Aerodrome just south of Greeneville, SC. Pilot’s N Paws partnered with the South Carolina Breakfast Club (a group I now want to hang out with more) to host a breakfast for both groups. As far as I am concerned, it was a great success.

Without saying a lot about how much I love Pilot’s N Paws (see my first rescue here), go check out their website, and sign up to rescue puppies, it’s ridiculously easy and rewarding.

Triple Tree was such a great venue. What an amazing place.

As usual, I’m posting these pictures, and may come back later for some more commentary. I’m working on the trim tab right now, hence a lot of pictures of peoples’ tabs. Also, there were a ton of planes there, maybe 150? Of course, most of my pictures are of RVs.

Of course, if you find a picture of your plane here, and either want a copy or want me to remove the picture, just let me know (easiest way is to make a comment on the post.)

Good motivation for more airplane work.

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