Tap and Die Kit, Roloc kit

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Nothing special today, I just stopped by Harbor Freight and used a coupon I had gotten in the mail for the Carbon Steel Tap and Die Set. The coupon was for $7.99, instead of $15. Not bad. I’ll need a tap and die set to tap the wing tiedowns, and who doesn’t want to save money?

(I also picked up a 1 inch diameter roloc kit that included some surface conditioning discs. I’m thinking the maroon is pretty close to maroon scotchbrite, and I want to figure out a good way to deburr wing ribs).

It isn't the highest quality set, but it'll do for the tiedown attach brackets.

It's pretty thorough. I grabbed the SAE version (they also had metric).

Subtotal for the Roloc kit, tap and die kit, and roll of blue tape was $19.97. Not bad.

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