Installed Air Regulator/Oiler

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Tonight, I didn’t get any work done on the airplane, but I did finally stop by Northern Tool and Equipment for some air compressor accessories. To get my Harbor Freight air regulator and oiler up and running, I needed a second air hose, some quick disconnect fittings, and some thread seal tape. Here are the purchases.

Northern Tool and Equipment purchases.

First thing, I grabbed the unit out of the box.

It's a nice red color.

Then, I used some thread seal tape, and installed the pressure gauge.

Pressure gauge, ready to be installed.

Next, I installed two male fittings on either side of the regulator/oiler.

Ready to be mounted to the workbench.

After taping the rest of the quick disconnect units with thread seal tape, I took everything out to the shop and started getting stuff mounted up.

Here's another lightweight hose I bought. This will go between the compressor and the regulator/oiler.

Then, I mounted the regulator/oiler on the side of the workbench.

I made sure to line it up so that it didn't obstruct the access to either of the top shelves in the workbench.

Then, I hooked it up and played with it a little to make sure it worked. I’m still not positive on it’s operation (I now have two regulators in series, but I think it should work).

I’m not marking any construction time for tonight, but I will record the entry under tools.

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