Left skin work, primed two ribs

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“I need to get something other than deburring and dimpling tonight, so I think I will finish prepping the rear spars and rear spar reinforcement bars, prime, and maybe start riveting. We’ll see how it goes.”

That’s what I said to myself yesterday at about 2pm. Guess what I spent all night doing? Deburring and dimpling!

Here's my new skin deburring and dimpling station. Notice the glass of wine and the UNC game on the projector. Essentials for successful deburring/dimpling.

Then, I decided to finish prepping a few of the ribs. I’m going to prime a few components at a time while I am working on other stuff.

I believe this is HS-707 and HS-708.

2 of 10 HS ribs ready to go.

After deburring the left HS skin, I dimpled all the holes I could reach with my 3″ yoke, then broke out the pop-rivet dimple dies and started on the interior holes. I broke the nails used to squeeze the dies together on the first 3 holes consecutively, but then found a good sweet spot on the next two. Then it was time for bed. I don’t know whether I’ll continue with the pop-rivet dimple dies or opt for a c-frame. I think the c-frame is going to be loud, which means I can’t work late with it. Hmm.

All of the edge holes dimpled, and the 5 top interior holes on one side dimpled. More tomorrow, I guess.

I think I put in about 2.5 hours today.

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