Inboard ribs, devinyled left HS skin

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Busy day today, but I did get some work in. I managed to get the left and right HS-404s and HS-405s reclecoed onto their respective skins to make sure the inboard edges were flush with eachother.  This isn’t called out in the instructions or anything, just one of those small details that would bug me if I didn’t make the rib to skin edges flush. I should have done this prior to disassembly, but I didn’t really think about this until later. By the way, the only time this will even matter is when someone has the fuse-emp fairing off and can see the inboard skin/rib edges.

Also, I brought the left HS skin into the kitchen and fired up the now dull (file and scotchbrite pad) soldering iron to devinyl the left HS skin. I decided I am only going to prime the mating surfaces of the skins (but all of the skeleton), so I did the rivet lines on the interior, too. It took forever.

Left skin devinyled. Looks nice.

2.0 hours today total. 30 minutes for the inboard ribs and an hour and a half for the devinyling. Luckily, I perfected (at least improved) my devinyling technique; the right skin should go a little faster.

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