More tools arrive

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A few days ago I ordered some more tools from the Yard. Aquisitions include:

A Hand Squeezer
11 Piece Squeezer set
Edge deburring tool
Air gun (not RV related, but for the shop anyway).

Today, I think I’m going to build a small storage rack (2×4 with some holes drilled into it) for my rivet and squeezer sets. I built one the other night that I wasn’t happy with, so I’m going to try again. Here are a few pictures from the effort. Basically I laid out all the things that I thought could roll off the workbend when I needed them (plus the bucking bar, that won’t roll). Then I drilled the 2×4 to correct size, making sure to be sloppy with the drill (I want there to be some play for a loose fit).

Pictures from Saturday Sep 5 017 (Medium)

Here they are laid out.

Pictures from Saturday Sep 5 022 (Medium)

After sanding, priming, and putting the sets into my holder, here is the final product. The space to the right is reserved for drill bits and dimple die sets. (I originally stole the idea from someone talking about drill bits. They said they always grabbed the wrong one, lost them, etc.) This is my version of the solution.

I think I’ll put 3 or 4 of the most commonly used bits to the right along with some dimple die sets. I like it so far. We’ll see if I just leave it on the workbench or actually mount it somewhere. Maybe somehwere attached to the workbench, or maybe on the wall by the compressor. I’ll think about it.

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