Rivet Gun Purchased

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Against some advice, I opted for the eBay purchase of a Rivet gun:


Chicago Pneumatic 4X Rivet Gun

Chicago Pneumatic 4x Rivet Gun Riveter
Model: CP4444 RUTAB
Comes with AN470 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″ & 3/16″ Rivet Sets
3 Flush Sets
2 Rivet Set Retaining Springs
1 Conavair Aircraft Bucking Bar

August 31 update:

The rivet gun showed up, was in great shape, and after a few tries against the bucking bar, I believe I have determined that it works. How long it will last, however, is another story. I am happy for now that I have a gun that works and that it didn’t break the bank.

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