Reserved some N-Numbers

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After reading some threads on the VAF site, I decided to start some research some N-numbers. I needed AZ or ZA as the trailing characters to make it mine, and I wanted a cool sounding (I know, I know) callsign, that was recognizable.

N999ZA. At first, I wanted something that was going to be short and sweet on the radio, but the more I thought about it, I want something recognizable on the radio. “November-niner-niner-niner-zulu-alpha” is long, but very recognizable. ATC will undoubtedly shorten it to “niner-zulu-alpha.”

Also, I like “november triple-niner zulu alpha.” I would never suggest to any of my students that they use unapproved pronunciations of callsigns, but c’mon, it just sounds cool.

As an aside, I got my commercial and CFI-A tickets in N9991B. I always pronounced every character individually, until the controllers in the area started calling me “triple-niner.”

Is that permission for me to do it, too? No. Am I going to? Yes.

N74ZA. <sigh> I reserved this one because everyone else seemed to want their model number, followed by a 4, and then their initials (or wife’s initials, or kids initials, etc.). N74ZA was available, so I might as well reserve it while I can. I like the shorter number, but I am still leaning towards triple-niner-zulu-alpha.


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